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Collaboration & Communications

627, Chaparral Drive SE

Calgary, AB T2X 3W9


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Phone: (1) 403-456 5777


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 Writing of articles for business projects.

 Writing text for promotional items such as brochures and advertisements.

 Writing creative briefs to support the development of materials.

 Writing news releases and media advisories.

 Developing key messages.

 Developing question and answer materials.

 Compiling and editing materials from projects into cohesive reports, booklets and information packages.

 Creating copy decks for websites and website features.

 Creating communications, marketing, dissemination, sponsorship, government relations and media relation plans.

 Developing PowerPoint presentations.

 Developing and carrying out measurement activities such as surveys, questionnaires and interviews.

 Providing art direction to the development of branding and graphic materials.

 Managing marketing activities such as project and pilot launches.

 Managing development of materials with vendors such as graphic designers, website consultants and printers.